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Overseas Sales (Manager) Nantong 1


1.Take responsibility for business communication with overseas customers, including email communication, inquiries, telephone communication, quotation negotiations, contract signing, etc.;

2.Expand new markets, develop new customers, and extend the scope of product sales;

3.Take responsibility for foreign trade order quotation, contract signing, documentation, customs clearance, etc., and do translation timely as needed;

4.Other random work assigned by superiors.


1.Bachelor's degree or above in English, international trade, or automotive electronics and related majors;

2.Proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading, and writing; be able to have business negotiations in English, and have good communication and negotiation skills;

3.Knowledge of the import and export process, familiarity with the import and export process in foreign trade;

4.Have the ability to expand the market and develop customers independently, strong skills in organization and coordination, communication, emergency treatment, and business negotiation;

5.Passion for sales work (development/maintenance), and good resilience to setbacks;

6.Outgoing personality, strong interpersonal communication, logical thinking, willingness to travel at home and abroad from time to time;

7.Self-motivated, careful and responsible learner and team player.

Calibration Engineer Chongqing 3


1.Calibration development of the automotive engine electronic control system. (Bench calibration, drivability calibration, emission calibration, OBD calibration, three high calibration);

2.Technical communication with customers;

3.Calibration test planning and execution;

4.Formulation and optimization of calibration work instructions.


1.Bachelor's degree or above in full-time vehicle engineering or internal combustion engine;

2.Proficiency in professional software such as INCA, CANAPE, MDA, etc.

3.Minimum 1 year of experience in application calibration and related work, solid knowledge of vehicle development process, and basic knowledge of primary vehicle calibration and drivability calibration.

4.Driver's license of C1 or above.

Company’s benefits: six insurances and one fund (full-amount housing provident fund), paid annual leave, meal allowance, transportation allowance, communication allowance, year-end bonus, weekends off, regular physical examination, etc.

Capital Accountant Nantong 1


1.Take responsibility for bank account management, fund allocation, payment and settlement work;

2.Prepare and follow up on the execution and implementation of fund plans, and make predictions to ensure a balance between fund receipts and payments;

3.Deal with bank financing, and prepare and submit fund management reports, etc.


1.Bachelor's degree or above in accounting and related majors;

2.Familiarity with bank credit and settlement business, with certain experience in financial management;

3.Good communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, and resilience to certain working pressure.

In-Process Quality Engineer (Supervisor) Nantong 1


1.Develop and revise process quality control plans;

2.Inspect and approve IPQC inspection reports;

3.Organize and promote the analysis on quality anomalies, and follow up on remedies;

4.Develop and implement IPQC work objectives and plans;

5.Develop and implement IPQC inspection standards and specifications;

6.Training and education for IPQC inspectors;

7.Statistical analysis of in-process quality data;

8.Supervise the production and inspection processes to ensure strict compliance with the standards;

9.Mediate in quality disputes, and research into inspection techniques and methods;

10.Lead and guide the team to complete the above work with high quality.


1.Education requirements: Bachelor's degree or above;

2.Experience requirements: 5-10 years of experience in SMT of electronic control products and quality management at assembly sites; familiarity with controller manufacturing processes;

3.Required skills: ability to build and maintain an in-process quality management system, set up a team, and give effective training; solid knowledge on the 16949 management system, customer review, and ability to handle major quality accidents; familiarity with quality tools such as 5WHY, 7 major QC methods, and 8D.

Other requirements: Strong skills in communication and coordination, comprehensive analysis, organizational guidance, and written expression.

Material Planner Nantong 1


1.Arrange procurement and place orders with suppliers according to monthly plans and random purchase orders;

2.Deal with free samples;

3.Monthly reconciliation of materials, providing purchase orders to the procurement center for settlement;

4.Regularly evaluate the supplier's material production capacity and abnormal situations, and take immediate action to coordinate resources and communicate with the supplier's senior management when the supply goes wrong to ensure timely and high-quality supply;

5.Confirm the delivery date of materials, and apply for inspection upon arrival of incoming materials;

6.Handle defective materials based on SQE judgment results;

7.Supplier audit;

8.Monitor and control the arrival of components and parts;

9.Other random work assigned by superiors.


1.Bachelor's degree, and above 3 years of experience in management of development procurement and mass production procurement order;

2.Good communication and coordination skills, and strong resilience to pressure;

3.Team player with strong service awareness, careful work, and integrity;

4.Familiarity with office software, and have strong learning ability and willingness to improve.

Maintenance Electrician Nantong 1


1.Take responsibility for the design, troubleshooting, renovation, and renovation implementation of the hydropower system for the company's operation and management;

2.Develop and implement troubleshooting plans for electrical equipment and facilities such as the company's power distribution system, air conditioning system, water supply and drainage system, gas distribution system, etc.; carefully and correctly record the operation of equipment;

3.Solid knowledge about the operation and maintenance procedures of various electrical equipment.;

4.Design and renovate the hydropower system of equipment used in the production workshop;

5.Participate in the design, troubleshooting, and renovation of the control circuit of the factory's intelligent production equipment;

6.Participate in the maintenance and repairing of the factory's production equipment;

7.Perform basic maintenance on production equipment;

8.Other tasks assigned by superiors.


1.Electrician certification that is nationally recognized; solid electrical knowledge;

2.Above 5 years of experience as factory maintenance electrician or equipment maintenance electrician;

3.Education: Technical secondary school or above, major in mechanical engineering, automation, electronics, or electrical engineering;

4.Preferred skills:

Office software;

CAD drawing software;

PLC controller programming.


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